Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

About the product

Web Project Builder is a web-based tool to build web based applications without knowledge of programming skills. Build a project, check live demo and download the code.

Web project builder is simple but powerful tool to generate logical PHP scripts through simple selection. Web project builder is good to build admin panel based applications too.

We are stepping towards the rapid project development process. We know the pain of time-consuming development process. We are trying to help developers and businesses to rapidly generate the project in 80-90% less time as compared to traditional development methods.

Check our video introduction:

Buying the packages

We have simple plans to keep developers and individuals in mind. you can check here :

If you buy a package, we will add download credits in your account. You can use these download credits to download any available templates or customize any existing template or build your own project.
You should use the credits within 6 months from your purchase date.
If you upgrade your package old credits will be added with newer credits, so you won't loose.

Download and Install

After downloading the code, you can put the code on your server and run the index.php file you will see a installer with easy interface for understanding.

In case of issue of installation you can contact us we do provide installation support at affordable cost.


We do provide support, in building your project. In case of query, don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you.

We do provide project customization service at affordable cost. Feel free to share you project details and budget at