We are stepping towards the rapid project development process. We know the pain of time-consuming development process. We are trying to help developers and businesses to rapidly develop their project in less time.


Web Project Builder is a web-based tool to build web based applications without knowledge of programming skills. Build a project, check live demo and download the code.

Web project builder is simple but powerful tool to generate logical PHP scripts through simple selection. Web project builder is good to build admin panel based applications too.

We are stepping towards the rapid project development process. We know the pain of time-consuming development process. We are trying to help developers and businesses to rapidly generate the project in 80-90% less time as compared to traditional development methods.


Modules are nothing but division of a project in different complete components having unique separate functionality in its own.

You can Create a module simply by selecting from custom modules like Table & Form Builder and Dashboard Builder. Add as many modules as according to your project requirements by filling data in the fields such as module name, type, label, icon, date range etc. You can easily Edit and Delete the data already present in the module.

  • Add Module
  • Edit Module
  • Delete Module

Module builder

Module Builder helps you create your own custom modules with the help of Table & Form Builder and Dashboard Builder.

(a) Table & Form Builder

It provides user-friendly interface to Add Custom Form and Data Table which includes the functionality of Create, Read, Update, Delete (CRUD).

The Drag & Drop functionality lets you rearrange the fields as according to your choice of sequence, the way you want to represent them in the table. You can

Preview the created CRUD in the form of a table or a form.

  • Create CRUD
  • Drag & Drop Field Option
  • Add Fields
  • Preview CRUD
  • Search Field

(b) Dashboard Builder

It lets you Create components to represent data effectively on your custom dashboard by choosing from various dashboard Component Types such as Info Box, List Box or Bar Chart.

You can add multiple components by filling data in the fields such as title, color (to uniquely represent data), icon selection, CRUD selection and action you want to take. You can later Edit or Delete any component from the dashboard as and when needed.

  • Component Type Selection
    • Info Box
    • List Box
    • Bar Chart
  • Edit Component
  • Delete Component

Ready Modules

You can use the ready modules and implement them in your project-just like any plugin.

(a) Invoice

You can easily generate detailed Invoice (bill) of your management system-products, customers etc. It also allows you to add, edit, delete, preview, download and send invoice through email.

  • Add Invoice
  • Edit Invoice
  • Delete Invoice

(b) Calendar

You can set an event related to your project on the date selected by filling out the data in the fields(details of the event).

Project Selection

You can simply select from Sample Projects and modify them according to your needs or create new project on your own.

Base Functionality in each project


Users module is a by default module set where you can Add, Edit and Delete multiple users, assign them different roles (user type), assign status to these users and also upload an image to represent them. You can also Invite People through their email address.

You can add more user types from Settings->General

  • Add Users
  • Assign Roles
  • Edit Users
  • Delete Users
  • Invite People

Export options

It helps you Export all the data of the selected CRUD already created, in the form of Excel, PDF or Copying or Printing it.

  • Copy
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Print
  • Send Invoice Through Email
  • Preview Invoice
  • Download Invoice

Theme Selection

You can select a theme color of your choice to match your project.


You can assign permissions to Create, Read, Update, Delete inside a project, to the users based on the roles assigned to them.


In the settings section you can change/update.

  • General settings (Title, user type, website logo, website favicon)
  • Email settings(SMTP, Server Default)
  • Permission settings (Assigning permissions to users)
  • Template settings (Email templates)
  • Custom Fields (Add custom fields to your existing modules)


You will get the following features with this module.

Login, Registration / Disable Public Registration, Admin Approval for New Registration, Email confirmation, Reset password, Invite for Registration, User Types, Manage Users, Assign Roles as per user type, New User type can be added any time, Roles will be set on the basis of Module, Set Read/View/Update/Delete Permissions, Permission can be changed any time by admin

Custom Fields

You can customize any module at a later stage also, by creating a new column to your existing module.

This can be done through Settings->Custom Fields->Add Field.

You may or may not display the new field in that module’s grid and can Edit and/or Delete this field anytime.